How To Measure Windows For Blackout Curtains


Hankering a more profound rest, a cooler home climate, or just a dash of true to life show? Blackout curtains can be your clear-cut advantage! These flexible curtains not just block undesirable light, making a completely dark safe house for soothing evenings or film long distance races.

however they likewise go about as a warm boundary, assisting with managing room temperature and hold your energy bills under tight restraints.

This guide will furnish you with all the information and devices expected to quantify your windows like an ace, guaranteeing answer that your how to measure windows for blackout curtains in 2024.

Nonetheless, to really open the maximum capacity of power outage drapes, it is significant to accomplish an ideal fit. Wrong estimations can prompt disappointing holes that let in light and nullify the warm advantages. However, you can definitely relax!

Gathering Your Tools

Before we plunge into the particulars of estimating your windows, we should assemble the instruments you’ll require for an effective mission!

Metal Measuring Tape: This is your dependable warhorse for precise estimations. Pick a tough, retractable metal tape with clear markings for simple perusing. Go for the gold of no less than 25 feet to handle even the vastest windows.

Step Stool: For those high-up windows that appear to taunt your endeavors to come to, a durable step stool is a lifeline. Pick one with a wide stage for soundness and guarantee it’s evaluated to easily uphold your weight.

Pen and Paper: Don’t depend on memory! Write down every window’s estimations plainly on a piece of paper for simple reference later. Name every estimation with the comparing window area for added clearness.

Gathering Your Tools

Measuring Your Window Width

Measuring Window Frame Width

Now that you’re prepared and all set, we should start with the establishment – estimating the width of your window outline. Get your dependable estimating tape and follow these means:

  • Identify Your Measuring Points: Find within edges of the window outline on the two sides. There the window band meets the casing.
  • Measure Horizontally: Expand your estimating tape from one inside edge of the casing to the next, guaranteeing it’s level. Record this estimation in inches or centimeters.
  • Repeat for Accuracy: Don’t misjudge the force of accuracy! Measure the width at the top, center, and lower part of the edge. Window outlines, particularly more seasoned ones, may have slight varieties in width. Taking various estimations guarantees you catch the most reliable width for your drapes.

Determining Curtain Rod Placement

When you have your window outline width, we should consider where you’ll introduce the curtain rod. There are two fundamental choices:

  • Inside Mount: The drape pole is introduced straightforwardly inside the window outline, normally against the top trim. This choice gives a perfect and smoothed out look however may restrict how much light hindered on the sides in the event that the casing isn’t sufficiently profound.
  • Outside Mount: The drape pole is introduced external the window outline, stretching out past the sides. This choice offers more noteworthy light hindering potential and considers greater adaptability in making an emotional accumulated impact with your draperies.

Adding Width for Fullness and Light Blocking

Since you have your base width (representing bar position), we should consider completion. Here is the mystery: adding additional width to your shades upgrades their visual allure and light obstructing capacities.

Envision a level sheet loomed over your window – not the very image of class or power outage viability! By adding width, you make delightful overlap and assembles that lift the feel as well as give extra layers of texture to trap light.

When in doubt, we prescribe adding 1.5 to twice the width of your window edge to accomplish a proportional and successful power outage drapery. In this way, assuming that your window outline measures 36 inches wide, your ideal drape width would be somewhere in the range of 54 and 72 inches (36 x 1.5 = 54 and 36 x 2 = 72).

Measuring Your Window Width

Step by Step Guide to Measuring Your Window

Here is a basic manual for assist you with estimating your windows for blackout curtains:

1. Measure the Width: Utilize your estimating tape to quantify the width of your window from one side of the edge to the next. Record this estimation. Keep in mind, you’ll require your drape’s width to be 1.5 to twice this estimation for full inclusion.

2. Measure the Height: Next, measure the level of your window from the highest point of the edge to the windowsill or the floor, contingent upon where you believe your drape should end. Remember to add an additional 6 to 12 creeps to this estimation to represent the drape bar and to guarantee your shade adequately covers your window.

3. Measure the Curtain Rod: On the off chance that you as of now have a shade bar introduced, measure its width too. This estimation can assist you with guaranteeing that your new power outage shades will fit entirely on the bar. In the event that you don’t have a pole introduced at this point, plan for it to stretch out no less than 3 to 6 crawls on one or the other side of your window casing to forestall light spillage around the edges.

4. Repeat: It’s generally smart to gauge two times to affirm your estimations.


With your careful estimations close by, the ideal power outage shades anticipate! Recapping the key stages, we’ve covered estimating both the width and level of your windows, considering in the edge and wanted completion.

Exact estimations guarantee legitimate light obstructing as well as make an outwardly satisfying tasteful. Envision lavish drapes flowing down the sides of your windows, outlining the space impeccably. Disregard abnormal holes that let in bits of light or drapes that pack grossly.

By getting some margin to quantify accurately, you’ll accomplish a perfect, cleaned look that supplements your style while really boosting the power outage impact. Presently, prepare to embrace the happy haziness and cool solace that your entirely fitted power outage draperies will bring!

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