How To Join Two Curtain Panels Together Without Sewing In 2024

How To Join Two Curtain Panels Together Without Sewing In 2024

Sewing-Free Techniques to Create a Grand Drape

Have you ever longed for wide, extravagant drapes outlining your windows yet felt restricted by standard sizes or heavy sticker prices?

Dread not, Do-It-Yourself aficionados! Joining existing shade boards is a financial plan well disposed and inventive method for accomplishing that fabulous wrap you want.

This post will direct you through three famous techniques for how to join two curtain panels together without sewing:

  • No-Sew Tape: A fast and simple arrangement ideal for lightweight textures.
  • Texture Combination Holding: Makes an extremely durable and proficient bond for a more cleaned look.
  • Decorative Curtain Clips: A beautiful and separable choice that adds a bit of character.
  • Regardless of your experience level or wanted stylish, there’s a without sewing strategy holding on to assist you with accomplishing the ideal window treatment.

This approach sets aside you cash as well as takes out the requirement for sewing abilities. With a couple of promptly accessible instruments and these convenient sans sewing methods, you can change your draperies from customary to exceptional.

Gathering Supplies and Considerations

Prior to plunging into the universe of joined shades, we should get coordinated! Every strategy requires explicit instruments, so here’s a speedy summary:

  • No-Sew Tape: You’ll require no-sew tape (accessible at most specialty stores), some texture scissors, and an iron (for certain kinds of tape).
  • Fabric Fusion Bonding: Contingent upon the picked item, you could require twofold sided fusible tape, heat-enacted holding web, texture scissors, and an iron or intensity press.
  • Decorative Curtain Clips: You’ll require the drape clasps of your decision (accessible in a wide assortment of styles and materials) and perhaps texture stick (discretionary) for additional security.

Planning Your Curtain Transformation

The way in to a fruitful drapery change lies in legitimate preparation. This is the very thing you really want to consider:

  • Measure Two times, Cut Once: Prior to buying extra boards, measure your window width and wanted drape completion (the amount they accumulate when shut). This will assist you with deciding the all out width of texture required subsequent to joining.
  • Texture Weight Matters: Consider the heaviness of your current drape boards. Lighter textures wrap better and are more straightforward to get together with a strategy. Heavier textures could require a more grounded bond like combination or could require extra help while hanging.
  • Crease Stipends for a Cleaned Look: This applies explicitly to texture combination holding. While utilizing this strategy, you should calculate a little crease recompense (around 1/2 inch) on each board for a more expert completion.
Planning Your Curtain Transformation

Sewing-Free Curtain Joining Techniques

No-sew tape is a phenomenal decision for joining drape boards since it’s promptly accessible at most specialty stores and inconceivably easy to use. Here is a bit by bit guide with visuals to assist you with accomplishing a consistent completion:

Preparing the Curtain Panels

  • Gather your supplies: You’ll require your drapery boards, texture scissors, a ruler or estimating tape, and no-sew tape (pick a width that matches the heaviness of your texture).
  • Ensure even edges: Lay the two boards level and examine the edges. On the off chance that important, utilize sharp texture scissors to make perfect and even cuts.

Applying No-Sew Tape to One Panel

  • Positioning the tape: Put one board face down on a level surface. Unroll the no-sew tape and position it along the crude edge of the texture, leaving a little hole (around ¼ inch) from the edge.
  • Ironing the tape: Adhering to the guidelines on the no-sew tape bundling, utilize a hot iron with press immovably over the tape, complying it safely to the texture. Make certain to press along the whole length of the tape, making areas of strength for a.

Joining the Second Panel and Creating a Seamless Seam

  • Adjust the boards: Spot the subsequent shade board face down on top of the primary board, adjusting the crude edges unequivocally. Guarantee the two boards are situated accurately to make a straight and even crease.
  • Press and make the crease: Overlap the uncovered edge of the subsequent board (the ¼ inch hole you left before) over the no-sew tape. Apply firm tension with your hands or a moving pin to make a solid connection between the two texture layers.
Sewing-Free Curtain Joining Techniques

Limitations of No-Sew Tape

While extraordinarily advantageous, no-sew tape probably won’t be great for exceptionally weighty textures or shades that require incessant washing. The weight and consistent development can debilitate the bond after some time.

Tips for a Clean and Professional Finish with No-Sew Tape

  • Utilize a ruler or straight edge to guarantee the no-sew tape is applied straight.
  • Work in segments for bigger boards to keep up with arrangement.
  • Consider utilizing loads or clothespins to keep the crease intact while the no-sew tape cools.


Now that you’ve revived your shades, now is the ideal time to respect your handicraft! Sans sewing strategies offer a plenty of advantages: reasonableness, convenience, and the capacity to make specially measured draperies without requiring a sewing machine.

To feature your creation in the entirety of its magnificence, legitimate hanging is vital. Use curtain snares that supplement your shade style and pole. Guarantee in any event, separating between the boards while hanging for a decent and cleaned look. Think about the ideal totality – go for the gold that overflow nimbly without looking excessively packed.


Which joining method is best for heavy curtains?

Fabric fusion bonding is generally more secure for heavier fabrics compared to no-sew tape.

Can I wash curtains joined with no-sew tape?

Yes, but check the specific no-sew tape instructions for washing recommendations. Frequent washing might weaken the bond over time.

What fabrics are compatible with fabric fusion bonding?

Double-check the product information for compatible fabric types. Avoid using on delicate fabrics that might melt under heat.

How to hang two pairs of curtains?

The most effective way to hang two drape layers is with a twofold shade pole or twofold track framework. These twofold frameworks permit you to drape one layer before the other with complete usefulness for the two layers. It likewise gives you configuration aspect by making a feeling of profundity.

How do you join two sets of curtains together?

Sew an upward line down the whole length of the two boards, being certain to leave a satisfactory crease remittance (we suggest around 5/8-inch). For an expert completion, we likewise suggest you serge or crisscross line along the crude edges of each curtain panel.

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