A Guide How to Hang Curtains with Sheers Behind


Envision a window washed in a delicate, diffused light. Gossamer sheers dance very somewhat in a delicate breeze, uncovering a layer of lavish curtains behind them. In this post we will complete guide about How to Hang Curtains with Sheers.

This is the sorcery of layered shades with sheers – an orchestra of surface, light, and protection that raises any space.

Layering draperies with sheers has turned into a famous pattern in home stylistic layout, and for good explanation. It goes past simple feel, offering a mix of usefulness and style.

Gone are the times of picking either unforgiving daylight or complete obscurity. Layered shades engage you to make a nuanced climate, impeccably custom-made to your requirements.

Learn how to mount sheer curtains behind drapes for 24-hour privacy.

Sheer drapes are a speculation that gives non-abrasiveness and class by diffusing regular light. The lightweight texture permits light to go into the room while safeguarding your protection during the daytime.

Matching sheer draperies with heavier window hangings can add a heartfelt vibe to a room. Power outage wraps additionally make it simple to obscure any room, depending on the situation. Whether you pick rich window hangings or current power outage shades, the expansion of sheer drapes can raise any room.

Choosing the Equipment

Double Curtain Rods

Hanging layered drapes requires a unique instrument – a twofold shade bar. This permits you to hang both your sheers and your principal shades on isolated bars, making the layered impact we’re holding back nothing. Here is a breakdown of the various sorts of twofold drapery poles accessible:

  • Double Rod with Center Bracket:
    • This is the most widely recognized and reasonable choice. It comprises of two separate poles joined by a focal section that mounts to the wall.
    • The effortlessness of this plan makes it simple to introduce and reasonable for most window sizes.
  • Telescoping Double Rod:
    • This sort of twofold pole is ideally suited for windows with customizable widths. It highlights extending poles that can be stretched out or contracted to accommodate your particular window size.
    • This is an incredible choice in the event that you have windows with marginally lopsided widths or on the other hand on the off chance that you’re uncertain of the specific estimation in advance.
  • Decorative Double Rod:
    • On the off chance that you’re searching for a more up-to-date touch, think about an enriching twofold pole. These arrive in various gets done and styles, highlighting beautiful finials at the closures of the bars.
    • Finials can be anything from straightforward balls or handles to additional intricate plans, adding a hint of character to your window treatment.

Beyond the Rod: Mounting Equipment

Whenever you’ve picked your twofold drapery bar, you’ll require some extra equipment for secure establishment:

  • Brackets: Each twofold pole accompanies its own mounting sections. These sections will be in a bad way straightforwardly into the wall, so guarantee they are strong and reasonable for the heaviness of your shades and sheers.
  • Screws and Anchors: Contingent upon your wall material, you’ll require the suitable screws and anchors for mounting the sections. For instance, drywall regularly requires screws matched with drywall secures for a solid hold.
  • Level: A level is a significant device for guaranteeing your twofold bar is totally straight. A screwy bar will lose the whole look of your layered shades, so take as much time as necessary and utilize a level to guarantee legitimate establishment.
Choosing the Equipment for hanging sheer curtains

Attaching Your Curtains: Rings or Clips?

The last piece of equipment you’ll require is a method for joining your drapes and sheers to the twofold pole. Here are your choices:

  • Curtain Clips: These straightforward clasps slide onto the pole and hold the highest point of your shade texture. They are a fast and simple choice, yet.
  • Pinch Pleat Clips: These clasps make a more customized look by squeezing creases into the texture at the highest point of your drapes. This adds a dash of class and convention.
  • Curtain Rings with Snares: These rings slide onto the bar and have snares that connect to the rear of your drape boards. This takes into account smooth skimming of the drapes while opening and shutting.

Installation: How to Hang Curtains with Sheers Behind


Gather Materials

Ensure you have all the necessary tools and materials before starting the project. Here’s a checklist to keep you organized:

  • Double curtain rod (think about length and style)
  • Brackets for the double rod (fitting for your wall type)
  • Screws and anchors (for drywall mounting)
  • Drill (if necessary for pilot openings)
  • Level
  • Estimating tape
  • Shade sheers and drapery boards
  • Shade rings, clasps, or squeeze crease cuts (contingent upon your picked hanging technique)
  • Stepladder (if necessary)

Measure and Mark

Measure the specific width of your window opening. Presently, in view of the twofold pole you’ve picked and your ideal situation of the sheers (in front or in the background), mark the position of the twofold bar sections on the wall utilizing a level. Guarantee the markings are even and record for the general width of the twofold bar with both sheers and draperies hanging.

Installing the Double Curtain Rod

Mounting the Sections

In the event that your walls are drywall, you might have to bore pilot openings prior to introducing the sections. Utilize the proper bore size for the screws and anchors you’re utilizing. Safely mount each section to the wall utilizing the screws and anchors, it are level to guarantee they. Twofold really look at the security of the sections prior to continuing.

Attaching the Rods

Slide the two bars of your twofold shade bar set onto the sections as indicated by your ideal situation. Ordinarily, the sheers will hang in front, so the bar nearest to the window will hold the sheer boards. Slide the poles as far as possible in until they’re secure in the sections.

Installation: How to Hang Curtains with Sheers Behind

Hanging the Curtains

Sheer Boards

Presently, now is the ideal time to hang your delightful sheers! Utilizing your picked technique (shade clasps, rings, or squeeze crease cuts), join the sheers equitably separated across the front pole. Guarantee they hang flawlessly and at the ideal length. You can change the level later for a last touch.

Shade Boards

Next, hang your drapery boards on the back bar utilizing a similar strategy you decided for the sheers. Ensure the draperies cover the window totally when shut. You can utilize curtain loads at the base fix of the draperies assuming they will generally surge outwards.

Customizing the Look

Height Adjustments

When the two arrangements of shades are hung, make a stride back and evaluate the general look. You can adjust the level of the sheers or draperies for your ideal tasteful. For a more sensational impact, let the sheers puddle somewhat on the floor. For a more exemplary look, guarantee the sheers simply brush the floor or hang an inch or two above.

Stacking the Curtains

When the draperies are open, you’ll believe they should stack perfectly on one or the other side of the window. Explore different avenues regarding different stacking methods to accomplish the look you like. You can make an even crease on each side, or pick a more loose, flowing stack.


This extensive aide has outfitted you with the information and instruments to drape shades with sheers behind them unhesitatingly. We investigated the advantages of layered draperies, from light control and protection to upgraded style and protection.

We then, at that point, dove into choosing the right shades, sheers, and equipment, trailed by a bit by bit establishment guide. At last, we investigated different styling tips to customize your layered window medicines.

he magnificence of layered draperies lies in their adaptability. Make sure to explore different avenues regarding different layering strategies (exemplary, reversed, askew), variety mixes (strong versus designed), and surfaces (sheer versus finished drapes). Allow your own style to radiate through and make a window therapy that mirrors your special taste.

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